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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.
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Fundamentals of FIRO-B


This interactive webinar will provide new information about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and how to score the instrument and provide a quality interpretation.

What you will receive:
  • FIRO-B® online report
  • Introduction to FIRO-B® booklet
  • Introduction to FIRO-B® in Organizations booklet
  • Participating in Teams booklet

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Dec 31, 2017

We are no longer conducting public workshops

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Led By
Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ) Read Bio


"I LOVED your S/N exercise (I always love your exercises) that uses the two pictures. (I've always used one for this exercise, but two makes it richer.) I am facilitating a session on Psychological Type Learning Preferences, and this exercise would be perfect. Thanks so much for all you do for the type community. Your "stuff" is always so clear and accessible. "

Karen Ridout
attended Emotional Intelligence Webinar