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Recording: Beebe's Lincoln Webinar


It should not surprise anyone to find a clear imprint of psychological type in a film when the story, casting, and direction are all under a single creator�s control.  Steven Spielberg�s Lincoln, however, stands as a nearly opposite situation.
With a story based closely on historical events, the film�s viewpoint must be influenced by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin whose book, Team of Rivals, inspired it, by screenwriter Tony Kushner, and by Spielberg as director. As with any film, the individual actors also have an impact. Lincoln is especially influenced by the highly original performance of Daniel Day-Lewis.


Participants should really see the film in advance of listening to the recording of the webinar!
You will also explore:

        Some characters in the film are drawn with a clear type preference, whereas in other cases there is strong but conflicting evidence of a character�s type, giving almost the impression of two types superimposed in one person.  What effect does this superimposition of two types in one character have on how viewers experience the character?

       What is the effect on viewers� perception of a character when actors are cast according to what appears to be their natural type or, conversely, when they are cast in a way that looks to be against their inborn type?

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Nov 16, 2016

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