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New, Specialized
MBTI Qualifying Programs!

Unique 4-day programs including all the content of our basic MBTI Qualifying Workshop plus applications unique to your profession!

The MBTI Qualifying Program 
for Career Counseling and Planning Professionals


  • Explore the well-researched link between the 16 personality preferences and career choices.
  • Learn new counseling methods for supporting each type in the career decision-making process.
  • Examine career choices at different life points—early, middle age, and the later generative years.


    MBTI Career Counseling Qualifying Program Schedule
    June 5-8 Charlotte 
    July 17-20   Hartford


The MBTI Qualifying Program
for Organizational Development Professionals


  • Explore the effect of type dynamics on management styles, group processes, and productivity. 
  • Learn new, creative ways to resolve and manage conflict using type and temperament theories.
  • Examine the relationship between type and organizational cultures and learn how organizations can manage change more constructively.


    MBTI Organizational Development Qualifying Program Schedule
    Feb 28-March 2 San Francisco 
    May 8-11 Minneapolis 
    Aug 7-11 Louisville, KY
    Oct 23-26 Washington, DC 
    Dec 11-15 Louisville, KY



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