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Group Exercises

A Communication Exercise

Mar 27th, 2013

A Communication Exercise
Time:  25 minutes
Materials needed:  Piece of clothing (sweater or jacket); objects in a bag

1)  Pick a person with an S preference and a person with an N preference who are willing to do an exercise in front of the group.  Ask both to leave the room.  Have the rest of the group act as observers, looking for similarities and differences in communication styles.  Call one person back into the room and ask the person to do one of the following:

a) Instruct a person who understands your language, but is from another planet and has never worn clothing, how to put on a jacket.  Have a participant who has the opposite preference follow the instructions as they are given.

b) Have some objects in a bag.  Instruct the person to pull out an object so that he can see it, but so the other participants cannot.  Have them describe the object without using any nouns.  Have the other participants guess what it is.

2)  Repeat with a person of the opposite preference.

3)  Process similarities and differences in what and how they communicated.

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