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Group Exercises

An Extraversion/Introversion Exercise

May 17th, 2012

While this is provided as an Extraversion-Introversion exercise, it may be adapted to any of the preference dyads.

Time: 20 minutes

Set up:  Arrange the room so people can sit or stand in groups of 4-7 by preference.  If they will be standing, have a chart pad or white board and markers for each group to use for recording comments.  If they are sitting, have paper and pen for each group to use for recording comments.

Exercise:  Divide participants into Extraversion and Introversion groups.

1)      Tell the groups to agree on three questions that they would like to ask the other group about their preference for either Introversion or Extraversion.

2)      Have the participants ask their questions, and have participants preferring the opposite preference answer the questions.  (If you have multiple groups preferring each preference, pair up an Introversion group with an Extraversion group to keep the exercise within the time limit.)

3)      Ask participants to share what they have learned. </?xml:namespace>

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