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Group Exercises

Bob's Favorite Extraverted/Intraverted Exercise

Feb 22nd, 2012

This exercise clearly highlights the differences between the energy preferences and shows how these differences can be a source of conflict as we project our expectations onto others.


Divide participants into potential Extraverted groups and potential Introverted groups based on their selections for either Extraversion or Introversion from your explanation of the two different forms of energy.  (If either group has more than seven participants, please subdivide the group.)

Give each group a chart pad and markers and have them turn the chart pads so that other groups cannot see what they will be recording.


Ask each group the following questions one at a time, with enough time between the questions for them to respond to the question before receiving the next question.


1.       What is it you like about yourself as either an Extravert or an Introvert?

2.       What is it you dislike about those of the opposite preference?

3.       What is it about yourself as an Extravert or Introvert that you do not like?

4.       What is it about those of the opposite preference that you admire?

Processing instructions:

Instruct the participants that the only responses they can make to what other groups have to report is, "Thank you for the insights,” and enforce these instructions.  If you do not enforce these instructions the groups will get into arguments regarding the accuracy of what others are saying.

Have each group report their answers to the questions.  You can follow the reports with discussions about projecting our feelings onto others if you desire. 

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