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Group Exercises

Bob’s Favorite Sensing-Intuiting Exercise

Jan 24th, 2012

Show participants the following pictures and ask them to record thoughts that come to mind as they look at each picture. The first image is a very sensory image.  People preferring Sensation normally will have thoughts of feeling the sand between their toes or the temperature of the water.  Many might immediately remember an activity involving being on the beach.  Their responses will be very concrete and connected to the physical world.  People preferring Intuition normally will have thoughts about feeling peaceful or serene.  Very seldom will they ever mention the physical aspects of the beach that those with the Sensation preference focused on.

The second image is a very abstract image.  People preferring Intuition normally have thoughts about what the image symbolizes to them.  Some view it as representing the human genome string while others visualize it as how we move through time and space.  Their responses indicate that they are visualizing more than just a sphere with a multicolored spiral inside which is the normal response of those preferring Sensation.

Since the exercise is to help people sort between Sensation and Intuition, one need not proceed further; but if one wants to go further, participants may be asked how much more complete would their understanding of the pictures be if both perspectives were included.

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