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Group Exercises

Communication Exercise with Life Changing Potential

Feb 6th, 2014

This exercise does not require participants to know their type or understand the eight function-attitudes, but it is a function-attitude exercise.

Start by telling the participants they are to pick the style that is most like them by identifying what it is they like and dislike about each of the styles.  Then show them the graphic with the four drawings, and as they look at the drawing go through all four drawing by demonstrating the language that is typical of those who prefer each drawing.  Once everyone has picked the style that is most like them, group the participants by style. 

Once in their groups, have them compile a list of what it was about the image and the language associated with the style they liked and what it was about the other images and languages they didn�t like.  Select a style and have the people who like that style explain what it was about the image and language they liked, then have each of the other groups share what it was about the image and language that they didn�t like.  Work through all four groups this way.  Once completed, ask the participants what they learned about how they are perceived when speaking in their natural way and how might they go about trying to be more aware and respectful of those who prefer a different style.

If you want to share the function��-attitude associated with each graphic after the exercise that is fine, but it is strongly recommend that you not share that information until the exercise is complete.

While the graphic cannot be included in the newsletter, it is available by emailing [email protected].  I will also answer any questions you might have about the exercise.  >>Post your comments>>>

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