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Group Exercises

Engaging Extraverted Sensation

May 30th, 2012

After The Battle Continues……Winning the War Within workshop I’ve received several requests about how to engage each of the function-attitudes, so I’ve decided to focus the exercises on one function-attitude at a time for several months.  Every other week starting this week, I’ll be providing some questions that one can use to engage a different function-attitude.

Let’s start with Extraverted Sensation (Se).


We use Extraverted Sensation to become aware of what is happening in our physical environment in the moment; to identify the many things that are happening, what is most exciting or provides the strongest attraction.   


Here are some questions that demand the use of Extraverted Sensation:

·         What is happening around you right now?

·         What sounds can you hear at the moment?

·         How many different places can you feel your clothing touch you?

·         Can you feel the change in your body temperature as you place a hand on different parts of your body?

·         What do your customers want from you right now?

·         What non-verbal messages are being sent to you by those you are talking with?

·         What non-verbal messages are you sending as you speak?


What other questions might one ask that would require the use of Extraverted Sensation?  >>>Post your comments here.

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