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Group Exercises

Engaging the Four Perceiving Function-Attitudes

Apr 17th, 2013

The purpose of this exercise is to have each person experience each of the perceiving function-attitudes; then from that experience, select the one that is most natural for them.

Setup:  Show the participants these basic descriptions and have them select the one that is most representative of them.

                A.  Actively experiencing what is physically present in the moment.

                B.  Comparing the details of what is, with past experiences, to assess similarity or commonality.

                C.  Using recognized patterns and connections to envision possibilities for the future.

                D.  Becoming aware of the significance or meaning of what is.

Once each participant has selected a description, group the participants in pairs such that each person has selected a different description.

Instruct the groups to move around the room and physically engage the room – feel the walls, floor, and furniture.  Have them seek to become aware of the temperature of the items relative to their own temperature.  Have them feel the texture of the different materials. (A)

Ask them to compare what they are experiencing with previous experiences with similar items to identify differences and commonalities.  (B)

Ask them how the room might be changed to be more appealing or more effective for training.  (C)

Ask them why it is important to use all ways of perceiving instead of just one.  (D)

Ask them to select which is most natural or comfortable for them, and connect the questions with the letters.  Finally, connect the letters with the function-attitudes:

·         A.  Extraverted Sensation (Se)

·         B.  Introverted Sensation (Si)

·         C.  Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

·         D.  Introverted Intuition (Ni)

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