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Group Exercises

Exercise: Using the Functions Together

Aug 27th, 2014

When I conducted MBTI® certification programs years ago, I got tired of hearing people speak about using a function as though they only used certain functions and not others.  As a result, I created an exercise to demonstrate that we use functions together. This exercise follows:

Have participants think of their left hand as representing thinking and their right hand as representing feeling.  Direct them to pick up all of their materials and move to another location using only the hand  representing their preferred function. Let them struggle with the task for a few minutes then tell them they can use both hands.  Allow them to experience the ease of accomplishing the task of gathering their materials with both hands. Stop the exercise and have them return to their seats. 

Process the experience from the perspective that we seldom if ever use one function in isolation, just as most tasks we accomplish require the use of both hands. >>Post your comments>>

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