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Group Exercises

Extraverted/Introverted Thinking Exercise

Jul 10th, 2014

Extraverted Thinking (Te) and Introverted Thinking (Ti) Exercise

I find that we often use Ti and Te together without recognizing the roles each function fulfills.  Ti is the function used to name or define, and Te is used to plan and organize. 

Purpose: To differentiate between the two thinking functions identified by C.G. Jung.

Situation: You have accepted an invitation to give a group their initial introduction to type theory? 

Ti question: What will you attempt to accomplish as you conduct the introduction?

a.       Are you explaining the instrument report results?

b.      Are you helping the individuals determine their best-fit type code?

c.       Are you showing them how they could use their knowledge of type theory in their professional lives?

d.       Are you showing them how they could use their knowledge of type theory in their personal lives?

e.      Are you attempting to do all of the above? 

Te question: How will you go about achieving what you desire to accomplish?

a.       What are all of the activities that you must do to achieve your objective?

b.      What are the critical activities that must be accomplished?

c.       What are the different ways the activities could be sequenced?

d.      Which approach gives you the best possibility for success? 

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