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Group Exercises

Function Selection Exercise

Jul 17th, 2013

At the APTi conference last week I was lucky enough to spend time with Oseas, Ana and Sandra from Brazil.  I learned how they are taking people through the self-selection and type verification process.  The process they shared follows.

Each participant is provided with four cards, one for each extraverted function-attitude.  Each participant selects the extraverted function¬≠-attitude card that most represents themselves.  After selecting an extraverted function-attitude, each participant is given four cards, one for each introverted function-attitude.  Each participant selects the introverted function¬≠-attitude card that most represents themselves.

After extraverted and introverted function-attitudes have been selected, the facilitator directs the participants to two Snapshots of Type descriptions that share the selected function-attitudes as either dominant or auxiliary.  For example, a person selecting Ne and Ti would be directed to INTP and ENTP. Using these two snapshot descriptions each participant determines a best-fit type code.

While I have never had people arrive at best-fit type this way, it was developed by taking slides from our PowerPoint files and printing them on card stock.  I think this is a great idea and I commend them for making the selection process more interactive.  When you order the Snapshots of Type in July, you will receive the Function Selection Exercise  free!  >>>Post your comments>>  If you have purchased Snapshots of Type in the past and would like the Function Selection Exercise, please contact us.

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