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Group Exercises

Perceiving and Judging Exercise

Feb 6th, 2013

1)    Have participants sort themselves into J and P groups using the following phrases:



Lifestyle is decisive, planned and orderly

Lifestyle is flexible, adaptable and spontaneous

Enjoys being decisive

Enjoys being curious and discovering surprises

Feels comfortable establishing closure

Feels comfortable maintaining openness

Works best when able to plan and can follow the plan

Enjoys working on different projects as interest surfaces

Schedules and plans to avoid anxiety

Energized by deadlines and enjoys last minute rushes

Does not easily tolerate uncertainty

Able to tolerate ambiguity

Likes definite order and structure

Likes going with the flow

2)    Ask the J group to write three questions about people who prefer P. 

3)    Ask the P group to write three questions about people who prefer J. 

4)    Have the J group ask the P group their questions.  Allow the P group to respond.  Do not allow rebuttal from the J group. 

5)    Repeat this process with the P group asking the questions. 

6)    Process the activity. 

a)    Ask the P group:

i)     Did the questions seem like statements in question form?

b)    Ask the J group:

i)     Did the questions seem like descriptions of behavior in question form? 

This exercise may take 30-45 minutes.

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