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Group Exercises

Sensing and Intuitive Exercise

Sep 5th, 2013


What Is My Design?


25 Minutes


Puzzle Handout and blank sheets of paper

 1)    Assign participants into groups contains all sensing preferences, a mix of sensing and intuition preferences and all intuition preferences.

 2)    Select a person from each group to be the spokesperson.

          a)    Assign the spokesperson the task of giving directions (on how to draw an image.)

                b)    Assign the other members the task of following directions and drawing the image.

 3)    Give the puzzle handout to the spokesperson.

          a)    Instruct the spokesperson not to let their members see the puzzle.

 4)    Give the members a blank sheet of paper.

 5)    Instruct the spokesperson to describe the design so that the members can reproduce the design.  The spokesperson is not allowed to show the members the design or sketch the design on paper or in the air.  The following rules may also be adopted:

            a)    Members cannot see the spokesperson.

b)    Members cannot ask questions.

c)    The spokesperson cannot see what the members are drawing.

 6)    When the design is finished, have the groups process their experience, sharing:

            a)    What approach was most helpful?

b)    What approach was distracting or confusing?

c)    The emotional reactions each member experienced during the exercise.


 1)    Have one person with each preference leave the room.  Call back one person, give the puzzle to the person and have that person tell the group what is on the paper. Have one half of the other participants draw the picture.  Have the other half record what the specific words the person says. When finished, repeat the process with the other person.

 >>How well did this exercise work for you?>>

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