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Group Exercises

Take the Day Off Exercise

Oct 17th, 2012

Time:  15 Minutes
Materials:  Chart pad


1)    Call on four people (two people who prefer Extraverting and two people who prefer Introverting) to participate in front of your whole group.  Ask them what they would do if they arrived at work and were told that they had an unexpected day off.


2)    Record their responses on a chart pad so the responses can be viewed by all, putting the E responses on one side and the I responses on the other.  Ask the group to tell about the similarities and differences they see.  Relate the responses to the definitions of Extraverting and Introverting, but do not force a response to fit into a category when it isn�t clear.




1)    Process the responses in terms of function-attitudes and determine how well the responses relate to the dominant and auxiliary of the respondents.

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