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Group Exercises

Team Effectiveness Exercise

Mar 4th, 2013

1)  Before beginning the session:
     a) Create a hypothetical team and enter the team members' names on the Team Effectiveness Chart  (backside of 16 Type Table). 
     b) Provide each team with a blank Type Table.

2) Review the Eight Functions-Attitudes and Dynamic position energies using the Quick Guide to Type Dynamics.

3) Discuss the potential performance and interpersonal issues of the hypothetical team.
    a) Potential strengths
    b) Opportunities for conflict
    c) Potential blind spots

4) Ask participants to fill in a Team Effectiveness Chart for their team.
    a) Participants can use their Quick Guide to Type Dynamics to identify their personal dynamic pattern.
    b) Participants can enter their names or initials in the appropriate cells of the Team Effectiveness Chart.

5) Facilitate a group discussion about the team's strengths, opportunities for conflict and blind spots.

6) Summarize and debrief.

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