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Group Exercises

Team Effectiveness Exercise #60

Aug 20th, 2013

This exercise is an extract from our Exercises product available for purchase.  All of the support materials were too lengthy to post.  Send me your email address and I’ll gladly send you the support materials. ([email protected])

Exercise 60:

Team Effectiveness


30-60 minutes


v  Flipcharts and markers

v  Hypothetical Team Effectiveness Chart (examples are provided following this outline).  We recommend they be inserted into the Function-Archetype Decoder so that changes can easily be made to the member types.  This will make visualizing the impact of the change more easily.

v  Blank Team Effectiveness Chart ( in the Function-Archetype Decoder or on the reverse side of the Dynamic Type Table)

v  Dynamic Pattern handout


1)      Before beginning the session:

      a)      Create a hypothetical Team Effectiveness Chart.  This can either be created using the Function-Archetype Decoder or the chart on the reverse of of the Dynamic Type Table.

b)      Create a blank Team Effectiveness Chart on flipchart paper.

2)      Review Eight Mental Processes and Functions in Attitude exercise.

3)      Hand out Dynamic Pattern sheet and allow time for individuals to review their personal patterns.

4)      Provide participants an opportunity to discuss the issues presented to this hypothetical team (as shown on the matrix). 

a)      Discuss strengths, opportunities for conflict and blind spots.

b)      Discuss the difference between having a function and being skillful with a function.

5)      Ask participants to fill in the Team Effectiveness Chart.

a)      Participants can use their Dynamic Pattern handout to identify their personal dynamic pattern.

b)      Participants can then write their names/initials to show their dynamic pattern on the Team Effectiveness Chart.

6)      Facilitate a group discussion about this team’s strengths, opportunities for conflict and blind spots.

7)      Summarize and debrief.

8)      End of exercise.

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