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Group Exercises

The Eight Functions as Life Guides

May 22nd, 2013

Over the last 48 hours I�ve witnessed the reporting of loss of life due to the tornadoes in Oklahoma, learned from our chief of police that over 80% of the crimes in our city are heroine related, and lost a brother-in-law.  These events have caused me to want to revisit an exercise I used earlier regarding the use of the eight functions as life planning and focusing tools.  I�m committed to be more consistent at visiting this reflection exercise on a weekly basis.  I hope you will join me and encourage others to do so as well.

Here is the exercise:

Start with Introverted Feeling by asking yourself, "What is really, really important to me?� 

Follow with Introverted Thinking to define or name what is really important in a way that allows you to assess your progress or achievement.

Once you have determined what is important and know how to gauge your progress toward obtaining the objective, use Extraverted Sensation to identify if your current activities are supporting the achievement of what is important to you.

Next, use Introverted Sensation to identify how supportive or detrimental your past activities have been toward moving you closer to achieving what is important to you. 

Engage Extraverted Intuition to generate possible activities for supporting what is important to you.

Allow Introverted Intuition the opportunity to identify which of the possible activities is most supportive of your achieving what is important to you.

Now that you have identified the most supportive activities use Extraverted Thinking to organize all the stages of the activity in a way that supports or facilitates accomplishment.

Complete your decision process by engaging Extraverted Feeling to consider how this activity affects the other people in your life who are important to you, and if you will be pleased with that affect.  >>Please share your thoughts>>>

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