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Group Exercises

Understanding Me and You: A Whole Type Exercise

Jul 10th, 2013

Time:  30-60 minutes (depending on the number of participants and whether both Steps 2 and 3 are used)
Materials Needed:  Snapshots of Type

1)    Have participants read the Snapshot descriptions of each type code until they find the one that best fits them.  Have them highlight the parts that really describe who they are and mark through the parts that do not describe who they are.  Have them add to each topic area any descriptions about themselves that would help others gain a better understanding of themselves. 

2)    In type alike groups have them discuss their commonalities and differences. 

3)    In type diverse groups have them discuss their commonalities and differences. 

4)    If time permits and it is appropriate, discuss the reactions they had to their commonalities and differences and how they can use what they have learned to work together better.  >>>Post your comments>>

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