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Group Exercises

What's On Your Bucket List?

Aug 1st, 2012

Recent events have led me to repost an exercise I first introduced in March of this year using Jung�s eight function-attitudes.  The exercise was designed to help focus one�s activities on what is really important. 

Within the last several weeks I�ve learned that a dear friend and former associate of TR has early onset dementia and at the young age of 65 cannot remember how to return home when she ventures out into her community.  I also learned of another friend who got trapped in a riptide trying to rescue two others and almost lost his life.  This week I learned that another associate is losing her battle with colon cancer at the age of 49.  Every day is a gift and each moment is a gift.  Since we all have choices how to spend each day, why not use Jung�s eight function-attitudes to guide us in these choices so we have no regrets.

I suggest using Jung�s eight function-attitudes in the following sequence:

Start with introverted feeling by asking yourself, "What is really, really important to me?� 

Follow with introverted thinking to define or name what is really important in a way that allows you to assess your progress or achievement.

Once you have determined what is important to you and you know how to gauge your progress toward obtaining the objective, use extraverted sensation to identify if your current activities are supportive of your achieving what is important.

Next, use introverted sensation to identify how supportive or detrimental your past activities have been toward moving you closer to achieving what is important. 

Now engage extraverted intuition to generate possible activities for supporting what is important.

Allow introverted intuition the opportunity to identify which of the possible activities is most supportive of your achieving what is important.

Now that you have identified the most supportive activities use extraverted thinking to organize all the stages of the activity in a way that supports or facilitates its being accomplished.

Complete your decision process of by engaging extraverted feeling to consider how this activity affects the other people in your life who are important to you, and if you will be pleased with that affect.  If the answer is no, then you need to repeat the process as you have identified a conflict that needs to be resolved before you finalize your decision.

I believe working through Jung�s eight function-attitudes in this way can lead to spending each day in a way that prevents our regretting what we did or did not do and allows us to be proud of how we spent the day whether we get another one or not.   >>Post your thoughts>>

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