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A Close Encounter of Different Kind

May 27th, 2014

When I think of extraverted feeing in action, I think of harmoniously affirming, validating and connecting with others. For the past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of extraverted feeling from so many people.  My wife (ISFJ) and I (ISTJ) are devoting five weeks of our time to helping my 95 year old aunt rehabilitate from hip replacement.  The way my wife has coached my aunt with guidance, encouragement, and humor has been amazing; and my aunt’s (also ISFJ, I think) positive responses to perform the physical tasks asked of her have overwhelmed me. My wife’s wonderful way of using extraverted feeling has guided my aunt while allowing her to feel in control.  While we are away from home helping my aunt, an ESTJ did one of the kindest things for us last weekend.  He noticed that our lawn was in need of cutting and cut it for us.  An ENTJ stepped up to help me as I struggled with an extremely unreliable internet connection during a webinar. John Giannini (INFP) did another free webinar, and Gail Valentine got up at 4:00am so she could be with John to co-facilitate the webinar.  Vicky Schaefer (ESTJ) has responded to my every want and desire to take care of my personal needs and all of the office tasks while I’m away.  The point I want to make is all of us have the potential to use all of the functions Jung identified.  The actions of all of these people have been so affirming that I’m moved to tears as I think of all that has been done for me in this short time span. I am also reminded about Memorial Day, when we pause to remember those that gave their all so that we could live in freedom.  Extraverted Feeling is not reserved for those who have the function in the dominant or auxiliary position, and to all of you I say, "Thanks.”

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