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A Type Thought for Valentine Day

Feb 11th, 2014

As we approach Valentine Day, it only seems appropriate to allow this day to be the focus of this week’s Type Thought.  Are our actions more likely to be influenced by extraverted feeling or introverted feeling? 

Lenore Thomson in Personality Type an Owner’s Manual states that extraverted feeling applies the conventions and expectations of society and is focused on one’s social obligations. So, if I’m engaged in activities because it’s necessary for me to be socially correct and meet other’s expectations, then I’m using extraverted feeling.  

On the other hand, Thomson states that introverted feeling prompts us to make the object one’s own and to bypass structural considerations and put human value first.  When I use introverted feeling what I give or do for another is so personal that part of me goes with the gift or action.   Working with these two perspectives leaves me with the feeling that one is too superficial and the other too intimate until I factor in the other person.  As I consider the other party, I recognize that extraverted feeling is appropriate in certain situations and introverted feeling appropriate in others.  May you use both appropriately this Valentine Day. >>Post your comments>>

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