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Changing While Remaining the Same

May 8th, 2013

Over the past few weeks I have been reading a blog on how one’s type changes.  This past weekend I attended my 50th high school class reunion and reconnected with classmates that I had not seen in years.  All of us had changed in many ways.  In fact, I did not even recognize the girl I dated for two years in high school.

When there was time to talk with each person, I quickly recognized them to be the same person I had known years ago.  As I reflected on the blog and my reunion experience, it dawned on me the changes my classmates and I had undergone was a great analogy for how we change within our typology.  The number of functions we use comfortably increases slowly over time and our ability to use the ones we were initially comfortable using become more refined.  We are different while still the same. 

Acknowledging the change does not mean trying to become someone we aren’t.  It means recognizing and celebrating our becoming more mature or whole as we move closer to achieving our potential personality.  >>Post your comments>>>

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