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Group Exercises

Communication Exercise

Mar 1st, 2012

Bob says:  "This is the most powerful exercise I’ve ever facilitated, and I’ve refused to share the instructions for conducting the exercise before because it requires demonstrating each of the function-attitude languages.  In deciding to share this exercise I’ve also decided to make the PowerPoint slides available, however you may create your own." Instructions for getting the slides are at the end of the exercise instructions.

PowerPoint slides describing the communication style for each function-attitude.  Projector and screen for showing the slides.  Practice speaking in each function-attitude language.  This exercise does not require people to know their type codes nor to understand the function-attitudes.

Step 1: Demonstrate the four languages of the perceiving function-attitudes.  As each language is demonstrated, have participants record their reactions both positive and negative, to the language. 

Step 2: Once all four languages have been demonstrated, have participants select the language they like the best.  Separate participants into groups based on the language they like the best.  Arrange the groups so that Si and Ni are diagonally across from one another as are Se and Ne.

Step 3:  Have each group answer the following questions for each language:

a.        What is it about the language that causes me to react positively?

b.      What is it about the language that causes me to react negatively?

Step 4:  Select a group to start with and have them share what causes them to react positively to the language then have the other groups share what causes them to react negatively to the language.  Always have the diagonally opposite group share last.  If you want to set rules, tell them "thank you for the insights” is the only acceptable response.  Also, allow them to ask what might change or reduce the negative reactions.

Optional Step 5:  Pair up any two groups and have those in each group try to speak the language the other group reacted positively to.  As they attempt to speak the language ask them to record their reactions to speaking the language.  Rotate these pairing three times so each person has a chance to attempt each language.

Step 6: Repeat the above steps using the four judging function-attitude languages.

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