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Did Jung Get it Right Regarding Introverted Sensation?

Jan 14th, 2014

As I prepare for a workshop I’m co-facilitating which begins in March, I’m reviewing what many of the respected names in the psychological type community have written or said about the functions.  In my readings I came across a comment by Jung that threw me for a loop. In Psychological Types, paragraph 649, Jung states, "We could say that introverted sensation transmits an image which does not so much reproduce the object as spread over it a patina of age old subjective experience and the shimmer of events still unborn.”  

Does introverted sensation really provide a glimpse into the future?  I’ve never read or heard anyone else indicate any futuristic aspect of introverted sensation.  As an introverted sensation dominant person, I’ve always attributed these glimpses into the future as coming through introverted intuition. After checking with others who prefer introverted sensation, all have these glimpses but associate it with one of the intuiting functions.  

Have we overlooked a key component of introverted sensation, or did Jung misinterpret the interaction between introverted sensation and extraverted intuition or introverted intuition as being only introverted sensation?  >>What are your thoughts?>>

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