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Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Jun 12th, 2013

While watching The Voice with my granddaughter last night, I heard the Swon Brothers sing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”  Two lines in this song really spoke to me regarding type dynamics and our mental processes or function-attitudes. 

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn” is a great way to think about our ego-syntonic function-attitudes.  It is so easy for us to see the rose and deny the thorn even as blood drips from the prick we’ve received or given to others.  And, another line, "Just like every night has its dawn,” is a great way for thinking about the ego-dystonic function-attitudes that we often avoid or deny.  These are the parts of us which can illuminate our way if we are willing to allow them access into consciousness. 

I’m continually amazed at how overinflated and arrogant my heroic dominant introverted sensation can be and the trouble it causes me.  I am also equally amazed at how appreciated my trickster extraverted feeling is when I stretch my comfort zone and connect with someone when thinking of them instead of only when I want something from them.  Hopefully, I will be better at keeping my heroic function-attitude from being overinflated and I’ll overcome the resistance to use my trickster function-attitude by reaching out to others because I appreciate them.

These are just two examples of how the lyrics are true for me.  I could share many more regarding all eight of Jung’s function-attitudes, but I’d really like to know if you might view the lyrics as being true for you in the same way they are for me.  >>Post your comments>>

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