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Exploring the Function Couplings

Aug 6th, 2013

As I start a series of chats with John Giannini on Exploring the Function Couplings, I’m rereading his book Compass of the Soul.  I am recognizing how much he has to offer me as I study and learn type theory.  Exploring the different function couplings within each of the 16 typologies is going to be a fascinating journey. 

Upon reviewing Giannini’s book John Beebe wrote, "He has achieved nothing less than a full survey of the meaning of the type problem for our time, and in this way updates Jung’s project for the contemporary audience.  After thoroughly examining the book, Mary McCaulley wrote, "It gives a rich review of theory and integrates the approaches of both analysts and type practitioners who interpret and implement Jung’s theory in different ways.  No one else has done such a valuable work.”  Truly Giannini has achieved a level of understanding psychological type equaled by very few, and I’m elated that he has agreed to share his unique perspectives with us in such an informal manner.  Please join me as he explains the framework he developed based on the works of Jung, Myers, Wilber, Moore and Gillette; and, gain insights into each typological pattern that go well beyond any type description ever written as he overlays each typology on the framework.  >>>Post your comments>>

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