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Finding Our Shadow

May 11th, 2014

Last week I participated in a webinar facilitated by Adam Frey on "Finding Value in the Shadow.”  We explored the potential our shadow functions offer when we allow them to work for us. I was struck with how important it is to allow each function to fill its role instead of trying to use a more natural function to work outside of its role. 

It reminded me of trying to make the world a nail because the tool I most prefer is a hammer.  We all know how dumb treating everything as a nail would be, yet we seem to be much less willing to become skillful at using functions that aren’t natural. What does it take for a person to recognize that all eight of Jung’s functions are essential for daily life?  How do we overcome the resistance to consciously use a function when we do not feel we are as competent with it as others appear to be?  

These are two important questions that we individually need to answer if we are going to continue to grow psychologically.  I hope you will answer these questions for yourself and join me in the rough and tumble sometimes painful, but rewarding development journey that one never completes. >>>Share your comments>>

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