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Individual Type Development – Far From a Rigid System

Aug 15th, 2013

In the webinar discussion led by John Beebe on Monday, I immediately heard support for a personal belief that has formed for me over the years.  I have said little about it as it is not supported by what has been published regarding type development.  Years ago I started questioning the sequential development of the functions, especially the ages assigned by Harold Grant in his book, From Image to Likeness.  It was too one sided.  How could I, as an ISTJ, develop introverted sensation, a perceiving function, without also developing a judging function simultaneously?  John Beebe spoke of his dominant and auxiliary being apparent at a very early age, and as I’m reading John Giannini’s book, Compass of the Soul, it appears to me that he is presenting a model that has a person developing functions in pairs or couplings.  Am I losing it and have I been accepting and perpetuating a model of type development that is not correct? How have you experienced type development?  Has your type development been sequential or were you developing multiple function-attitudes simultaneously?  How did life experiences affect your developmental journey? We like to know your thoughts.   >>>Please post your comments>>

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