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Interactions Between the Heroic and Opposing Personality

Jul 25th, 2012

Angelo Spoto states in his book, Jung’s Typology in Perspective, "If one observes how easily and how often we moderns continue to project the negative aspects of our unconscious onto our neighbors, one is convinced neither of our general psychological understanding nor of our humanity.”  Where is the source of this negative projection?  I suggest that the source comes from interacting with those whose function-attitude in the heroic position is the function-attitude another has in the opposing personality position.

As an ISTJ with introverted sensation in the heroic position and extraverted sensation in the opposing personality position, I would expect to have all kinds of negative projections onto ESTPs and ESFPs who have introverted sensation in the opposing personality position and extraverted sensation in the heroic position. 

What I know is extraverted sensation’s focus on engaging in the moment and going with what is most exciting in the moment triggers projections of their being shallow, immature and inconsiderate.  I’m sure my expectation that engagements will follow the agreed upon plan is too restricting and confining.  It constrains extraverted sensation’s ability to do its best work.  I’m sure my introverted sensation triggers projections of my being overbearing and inflexible to those who prefer extraverted sensation.

What projections do you have to those who have your opposing personality function-attitude as their heroic function-attitude, and what projections might you be triggering in them?  Post your comments.

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