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It's Not Just a Horse Race

May 1st, 2013

This morning Vicky arrived at the office telling me I needed to write about how to pick a horse for the Kentucky Derby which will be run this Saturday.  She named many of the criteria used to pick a horse and asked what functions each criterion required one to use.  As I recorded her list of criteria, I decided it would be fun to learn what functions you thought were required.  Here is the list of criteria:

A.      Handicappers’ recommendations

B.      Color of the silks

C.      Number on the horse

D.      Jockey riding the horse

E.       Odds on the horse

F.       Genetics or lineage of the horse

G.     Gender of the horse

H.      Name of the horse

I.        Track condition for the horse

J.        Behavior and look of the horse on race day

My thoughts are very mixed.  I struggle trying to hypothesize which function is at work with many of these criteria.  >>Please give me your ideas>>

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