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Looking at Daryl Sharp's Personality Types

Feb 24th, 2015

As requested, here are a couple of quotes from Daryl Sharp taken from his book, Personality Types, that I found thought provoking as I was rereading his book.  

"There is by definition a natural conflict between ego and shadow, but when one has made a commitment to live out as much of one�s potential as possible, then integration of the shadow - including the inferior attitude and functions � becomes a practical necessity.� p98

"Modern technology has provided us with many useful tools, quick and easy ways to accomplish what would otherwise be onerous or time consuming tasks.  The process of understanding oneself, however, is not amenable to shortcuts.� p100

I think Sharp very clearly points out that here is no way for one to achieve self-understanding without a lot of hard work.  So how are we to assist those who want to reach their potential, but aren�t willing to take the time necessary to do the hard, slow reflective work required to understand oneself?  The question I should be asking is how should I deal with the disgust I feel toward those who want to know themselves, but aren�t willing to perform any reflective work.  I�d love to hear your thoughts on how I should deal with all of the negative emotions I feel in these situations.  >>>Please share your thoughts>>


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