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More on Understanding Life’s Journey through the Couplings

Jun 10th, 2014

For the last month I’ve been helping my 95 year old aunt try to transition back to being responsible for herself and living independently after she fell and broke her hip.  The experience has served as a wonderful example of how we transition from the SF coupling stage to the ST coupling stage of life.  When we brought her home from the hospital, she was operating in the SF coupling wanting (demanding) that we do everything for her and requiring that we direct her activities only doing what we directed.  This form of engagement continued until we were becoming concerned that she would never regain her independence.  Then one success triggered a complete change in her attitude.  

She started wanting to be independent and started challenging almost everything we were doing as we cared for her.  She had moved to the ST coupling stage and was demanding we recognize her abilities to control her own life.  As she has continued to gain more and more ability to do things for herself, we are also seeing her flirt with the NF coupling stage as she shares with us her passions and sorrows. It has allowed us a glimpse into her soul to understand what gives her the energy to continue to improve physically and mentally each day. 

John Giannini has talked about how life’s journey begins with our living in the SF coupling then transitioning to ST then NF and finally the NT coupling stage. We can and will move back and forth to the different coupling stages as we are affected by life’s events.  I’ve now witnessed that movement, and having knowledge of the model has been a tremendous help as I’ve worked with my aunt.  If you are not familiar with John’s model, I strongly recommend you read his book, "Compass of the Soul” as it is a wonderful model for understanding one’s life journey. >>Post your comments>>>

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