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Recognizing Type in Others

Jan 23rd, 2013

On Monday several of us engaged with John Beebe to discuss the characters in the movie, Lincoln.  The majority of us had worked with type for more than 20 years, so we weren’t new to the theory.  We shared our thoughts regarding the different function-attitudes we believed we observed in different scenes and tried to identify patterns within the key actors. 

What was interesting is how differently we viewed the function-attitudes at play in the same scene.  While this did not happen all of the time, it happened enough to add validity to Beebe’s position that the best we are doing is hypothesizing about what function is at play when we observe someone.  Studying the actors in the movie helped me become more competent in identifying function-attitudes in others.  It also reinforced for me how dangerous it is to think we have the right answer without confirmation from the person being observed.  >>Post your Comments>>>

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