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Respecting Differences in Others

Jul 3rd, 2013

Last night I learned that one of my 15 month old twin granddaughters was evaluated for developmental delays.  She was determined to be marginally delayed for problem solving as she did not scribble with the crayons given to her.  My thoughts were, "Why should she scribble with the crayons?  She never sees her parents write anything with a pencil or pen as they are always using a computer.  I watched this little girl solve how to make her riding toys play music without having to turn loose of the handles.  She quickly recognized that keys had to be punched on the computer to play her favorite songs and that she had to swipe the ipad to find her songs.  I don’t think she is delayed at all when it comes to problem solving.  I believe she is being tested differently from how she has learned certain things.  I believe the same is true for many of us.  I remember an ESTP high school senior who said he hated tests because they never allowed him to show what he could do; and, the SAT data from Dr John Wilkes reported a 127 point spread between ESPs and ENPs. 

Respecting differences means more than just not being repulsed by what someone says.  It means supporting differences in how tasks are accomplished, how performance is measured and much more.  This experience with my granddaughter brought home to me how incompletely I defined respect.  I’m changing my perspective.  I hope your perspective has always been much broader than mine, and if it has not, I hope you will join me in making the change.  >>>Post your comments>>

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