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The Fight for Individuation and Independence

Jun 30th, 2014

As we approach the day we Americans celebrate as Independence Day, I�m reminded that our independence wasn�t something that our forefathers just declared and immediately received.  The revolution started in April 1775 and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence did not begin until June 1776.  It wasn�t signed until August 1776 nor delivered to Great Britain until November 1776.  During the time from April 1775 until November 1776 our forefathers struggled to gain their independence, and many gave their lives for the freedom they so desperately wanted.  Today we must continue to defend our freedom and maintain our independence.

In many ways this is how it is with our function development.  As each function seeks to be recognized, it must struggle to become individuated from the mass of unconsciousness within each of us.  As it starts to gain recognition, it is not initially valued.  It often gets rejected and must continually fight to show its value.  If we do not acknowledge this inner war, we cannot win. It is only through acknowledging what we are suppressing that the valued suppressed function emerges.  We must live with the fact that these internal battles must continuously be fought if we are going to have conscious access to all of the functions Jung identified. If we do not fight these battles, we harden into one-sided inflexible individuals.  Hopefully each of us is willing to continue the fight striving to individuate our functions just as we fight to maintain our independence.

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