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The Importance of Type Verification

Feb 13th, 2013

In my last type thought Bill Murray wrote, "A while back I tested six young attorneys for a law firm. All scored ENTJ. I probably spent 1 to 3 hours with each, in part to verify "True Type." There was not an ENTJ in the lot. Most were off by one letter, but two were off by two. My theory is that law schools tend to extrude graduates in the shape of ENTJs. Incidentally, all are in the scorer's database as ENTJ Attorneys; the reliability of conclusions based on such data bases is not perfect! P.S.- a seventh attorney tested as INTP, and we confirmed that."

Bill has highlighted why it is so important for type verification by the client instead of assigning the client a type code based on instrument results. I feel the dynamic pattern for the mental functions is so different between two types when only one letter is different that I cannot imagine telling someone their type code based on instrument results. Yet, I know of practitioners who treat the instrument results as always being accurate. How can we approach them so they will accept the need for a type verification process when working with type instruments?  Do you have any thoughts to share?  Please post your comments.

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