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The Overlooked Opposites

Apr 18th, 2012

Many times when we are working with type theory we talk of the opposition between the preferences, such as sensing is opposite to intuition.  We often ignore the opposition between the function-attitudes associated with a preference.  Jung writes about introverted thinking and extraverted thinking as being "incessantly at war.” (Psychological Types, § 581)  He also says that introverted feeling differs from extraverted feeling in essentially the same way as do introverted and extraverted thinking. (§ 638) 

If Jung viewed such opposition between the function-attitudes of each of the judging functions, I submit he viewed similar opposition existing between the function-attitudes of each of the perceiving function-attitudes even when he wasn’t as direct in his wording.  When we disregard this opposition and do not honor the conflict that exists between the function-attitudes, I believe we misrepresent Jung’s theory.  I also believe this misrepresentation causes people to disregard Jung’s theory as they recognize the conflict they are having with people sharing the same preference without having an understanding as to the cause.

That’s my thought.  What are your reactions?  Post your comments

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