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The Power of Energy Flow Between the Function-Attitudes

Jul 23rd, 2013

In the book Compass of the Soul, John Giannini states, "The type structures are innate channels or pathways for the flow of psychic energy which manifests itself as preferences and interests as well as related emotions.  We need to experience this natural flow more than the specific behaviors.”  (p58)

As we try to grow or develop typologically, how aware are we of this energy flow?  I find that it’s the behavior resulting from the energy flow that I’m first aware.  The flow between some function-attitudes is so smooth it takes tremendous reflection to find evidence of the energy flow, while with others it’s immediate.  For example, I find the energy flows so smoothly between my heroic (dominant) and good parent (auxiliary) function-attitudes that I hardly recognize it.  However, when the energy is flowing between my heroic (dominant) and eternal child (tertiary) function-attitudes, I’m immediately aware of the exchange.  This awareness emerges as a desire to maintain the connection while recognizing the dangers of misunderstanding the power of the energy flow between the two function-attitudes.

I would appreciate it if you would post about your awareness or lack thereof of the energy flow between any of your function-attitudes.  >>>Post your comments here>>

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