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Theoretical Learning versus Experiential Learning

May 23rd, 2012

I just finished participating in a workshop that gave attendees an opportunity to engage and understand type theory in depth.   During the workshop I recognized individuals were taking two different approaches to gaining knowledge or understanding, and the preferred perceiving process did not seem to make a difference.   

As I reflect on my own way of gaining knowledge, I hear the theory, but it has no meaning or value until I connect it with a personal experience.  So I would classify myself as an experiential learner.  To move beyond knowledge to understanding in a way that supports application, I must integrate the theory.  

The need to be able to apply what was learned has caused me to wonder how the integration process works in others, so I would love to learn how the process works for you.  What transforms knowledge or understanding into something you know how to apply in meaningful ways?  Post your comments here.

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