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Word Usage and Type

Jan 29th, 2014

This past week we�ve had some discussions on word usage.  This led me to reflect on when I was training to deliver MBTI® qualification programs long before CPP, Inc. authorized certification programs.  I was being trained by an ENFJ and an INTP.  As I alternated doing workshops with the two of them, I found the language that one wanted me to use was unsatisfactory when training with the other.  Should we expect everyone to use the words or language we use when sharing thoughts?  Many analysts use the word "type� when referencing one of the eight functions Jung identified, while other people prefer to use "function� or "function type.�  I personally prefer the term Dick Thompson coined which is "function-attitude� as it seems to most clearly name what I�m speaking about when I am referring to a process instead of a person.

Yesterday a friend of mine related being criticized for using the work "hopeful� instead of "optimistic� when referring to her situation.  I checked my dictionary (Webster�s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, 1996) and found that optimism means "to take the most hopeful view of matters.�

These events have led me to believe that we need to take Preben Gr�nkj�r�s quote of Jung (CW6 �952) a little further where Jung goes on to write, "� all we need to know is what name we are giving to what.�  I�m sorry my word choice isn�t always the word you might choose, but isn�t understanding these differences one of the beautiful ways to apply Jung�s theory? 

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