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8 hrs
August 20, 2016, 8:30 AM EST Exploring the Function-Attitude Couplings
Bob McAlpine and Stephen Weed

This is a unique opportunity to examine the function-attitude pairs or couplings from a type dynamics perspective.

What you will learn:

  • The role each function coupling plays in our life.
  • How the sub-couplings interact.
  • To identify the sub-couplings in yourself and others.
  • How to find yourself in the model.

More Information

Have you ever wondered why you struggled at certain times in your journey through life, or why you felt an urge to approach things differently yet had a strong resistance to the change? John Giannini, Jungian Analyst, lays out a life journey model one can use to help understand the sources of these emotional energies at play when these moments arise.

Join in exploring this model as we examine all the possible ways our perceiving and judging functions can interact with one another, and gain an understanding of your journey to this point and an appreciation for what is to come.

What you will learn:

Recognize when each of the basic function couplings play a lead role in your life; SF, ST, NF, NT

How the commonly acknowledged sub-couplings interact; for example: SeTi, SiFe, NiFe, NeTi.

How the seldom acknowledged sub-couplings interact; for example: SiFi,SeTe, NeFe, NiTi.

To identify the active sub-couplings within ourselves as part of our journey.

To identify the active sub-couplings in others so we can support their journey.

To locate oneself within the model.

Better understand where one is and where one is going.

More information about the model and our process:

We will follow the life journey model laid out in Compass of the Soul. After reviewing the model we will start to discover the four ways Sensation and Feeling can combine (SiFe, SeFi, SiFi, and SeFe). The SF couplings tend to help in a familial way using practical experiences to form the moral codes or values that guide one for life. Next we will examine the four ways Sensation and Thinking combine (SiTe, SiTe, SiTi, SiTi). These ST couplings tend to help us gain independence from our parents and forge forward into the world with the strength to overcome all obstacles. Next, our NF couplings (NiFe, NiFe, NiFi, NiFi) tend to help us realize that we are not alone and we must recognize the connections we share with all creatures in this world. Finally we will examine how our NT couplings (NiTe, NiTi, NeTi, NeTe) tend to help us make new analytical and technical advances.

Some of the tough questions we will attempt to answer:

How do we deal with the necessity to progress through couplings that are not attractive?

What happens when we attempt to skip a coupling?

Do we find that we are constantly bouncing between the couplings as we deal with the pressures of life?

Logistical information:

This workshop will be held on Saturday, Aug 20th from 8:30 to 4:30 in Columbus, OH.  A list of recommended hotels and the exact location will be provided at a later date.

Price per person 25.00
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Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ) Read Bio


"The study of type especially the eight mental functions has given me a richer and deeper understanding of self and others. The angst I have experienced in the past with those whom I regularly differ has been lifted. I believe I am a much improved version of myself because of the study of type."

Cheryl Strong
attended Beebe Conference