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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.

Snapshots of Type


This double-sided 16 card set includes detailed descriptions of the conscious and unconscious mental processes and descriptions of each type code.  Our data is based on the work of Jungian Analyst, Dr. John Beebe.
Some of the reported data you will see:
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Job satisifiers
  • Common stressors
  • Behaviors under stress

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Apr 27, 2016

Engaging Extraverted Intuition

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Led By
Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ) Read Bio


"I just ran a FIRO-B session for a somewhat large group (40) of finance professionals. I found that the background and context that Bob taught was great for starting the discussion. The client group gave me wonderful feedback about how they were able to move quickly from personal insights to seeing the real business impacts of the way they were working together. They were then in a really good position to talk together about how they want to improve."

Lisa Stewart
attended Fundamentals of FIRO-B Webinar