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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.

Recording: Beebe's Expected & Alternate Patterns of Type Development


You will learn:
  • The normative patterns of the development of the functions
  • What drives us to begin to develop different types of consciousness
  • The influences that tend to impede type development
Questions John will discuss:
  • Should we try to speed up the process of gaining familiarity and fluency with all eight functions?
  • If life circumstances have caused some part of our type development to be blocked, what can unblock it?
This workshop has been approved for NBCC and APA CEUs as well as MBTI Master Practitioner CEUs.  

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Mar 30, 2016

Experiencing the 8 Functions as Trickster

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Led By
Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ) Read Bio


"This was the best! The webinar and the resources provided are a tremendous help for me in putting together interpretation sessions for students. I have been working on using the 8-function approach in my interpretations, but this pulled it together for me in a very useable form. "

Linda Ketcheson
attended Intro to Type Using the Eight Functions