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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.
18 hrs
August 8, 2014, 8:30 AM EST Beebe Conference: Applying the 8 Function 8 Archetype Model in Coaching, Counseling & Personal Growth
John Beebe, M.D. (ENTP)

Conference is Friday, Aug 8 and Saturday, Aug 9 from 8:30am-5:30pm PDT, and Sunday, Aug 10 from 8:30-Noon PDT. A free workshop is being provided on Thursday night.

What you will learn:

  • How to apply the 8 Function Model to improve personal growth
  • How to apply the 8 Function Model when counseling others
  • How to apply the 8 Function Model when coaching others
  • How the model helps solve real interpersonal problems presented by attendees.

More Information

Applying the 8-Function, 8-Archetype model to counseling, coaching, and personal growth. This workshop has been approved for 18 NBCC CEUs and18 MBTI Master Practitioner CEUs

Conference is Friday, August 8 and Saturday, August 9 from 8:30am-5:30pm PDT, and Sunday, August 10 from 8:30-Noon PDT.


  • How to use type effectively even if you don’t know your client’s type or the type of the client’s key relationship partners.

  • Implications of the model for how to be a better partner and friend

  • Insights of the model for the different stages of adulthood

  • You are invited to bring and share an example of a challenging situation you currently face so that we can work with real, rather than contrived or theoretical, examples as we learn to apply the type model.


  • TAKE TO COMPLETION: Practice experiencing and verifying your relation to each of the eight functions as you encounter them every day.

  • HONE INTEGRITY: Notice what impact the eight functions have on others when you express them.

  • KNOW LIMITATION: Develop a vision not only for what your further type development could look like, but also for the shape and import of your built-in human limitations.

  • THINK ABOUT POWER:Understand and enforce your ethical use of the power the type model can deliver.


Friday, August 8


The presentation and exercises will focus on how the 8 function, 8 archetype model can be used to help verify the MBTI type, for example in cases where:

  1. The client’s dominant orientation as to Introversion or Extraversion is not clear, or

  2. The two most preferred functions are clear but it is hard to tell which is dominant and which is auxiliary, or

  3. The dominant is clear, but the distinction between the auxiliary and the tertiary is not clear, or

  4. The client is uncertain on the J/P preference

In these situations, having a textured familiarity with the difference between the introverted and extraverted forms of the four functions (S, N, F, T) can be very helpful, and knowing the qualitative difference in the way type energy is used by the dominant, auxiliary, and tertiary can also be very useful.

Saturday, August 9



The presentation and exercises will focus on applications of MBTI type to counseling and coaching. Working in part with situations that participants volunteer to share with the group, we will look at:

  1. How we can use type effectively with clients, even if we do not yet know the client’s type or the type of the client’s key relationship partners.

  2. How an ability to appreciate the gifts and potential contributions of the different types can improve our effectiveness at work and in our personal lives

  3. How an understanding of the eight functions and type dynamics can markedly improve our ability to communicate with others

  4. How to identify when a particular function that has been relatively unconscious for a client is beginning to assert itself for attention and development

  5. How to help clients engage playfully and creatively with the tertiary and inferior function

  6. How to help clients withdraw negative projections from people of other types

  7. How to support clients who are becoming aware of the potential for destructiveness in functions that they have been largely unconscious of


The presentation and exercises will focus on applications of MBTI type to personal growth. Working in part with personal examples volunteered by participants, we will apply and deepen what was learned in the morning session, considering as well:

  1. How we can evaluate our own type development using Myers’ framework of dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions.

  2. What the experience of type development feels like when one is going through it

  3. The role of the self in setting our type development agenda

Sunday, August 10


The presentation and exercises will focus on integrating what we have learned. This means understanding not only the opportunities for personal growth as we develop our types of consciousness, but also how we can best relate to the built-in limitations that we all face as humans with regard to type development, since few of us are likely to achieve optimal development in all the functions. The exercises will address:

  1. Stages of type development in adulthood.

  2. Imagining a healthy, satisfying relation to our type that is realistic about our limitations.

  3. Divining the purpose of typological limitations—what Jung calls, in The Red Book, our "incapacity.”

  4. Knowing the right way to ask for help in any task of living, at work or at home, from others who have greater development in certain functions than we do.

  5. Developing a vision for how we can stay ethical as we teach and apply MBTI results, holding an active awareness of the power inherent in type understanding.

Conference will be held at:
The Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley
75 Headquarters Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 408-514-2851
Fax: 408-324-1158

Once you register for the conference, we will email you booking instructions for hotel accommodations.


Free shuttle to and from San Jose Airport
Free parking on site
Free Wi-fi
Complimentary continental breakfast

Special room rates of $149-$159 + tax. We have reserved a limited block of rooms, so make your reservations early. A sister property is just a few minutes away that will accommodate any overflow.


Price per person 745.00
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"The study of type especially the eight mental functions has given me a richer and deeper understanding of self and others. The angst I have experienced in the past with those whom I regularly differ has been lifted. I believe I am a much improved version of myself because of the study of type."

Cheryl Strong
attended Beebe Conference