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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.
22.5 hrs
November 5, 2014, 12:00 PM EST Archetypes in Action
Adam Frey & Bob McAlpine
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Archetypes in Action is a nine-unit webinar course offering participants an opportunity to individually engage with the eight archetypal personalities that populate the eight-function, eight-archetype model of psychological type.

What you will learn:

  • The role of each archetype
  • What activates each archetype
  • How to recognize when the archetype is engaged
  • The consequences of over using or underusing an archetype

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Common speech reflects the notion that there are different facets to our personality. We may say, for example, "I’d never seen that playful side of her before,” or, "I had no idea he could be so ruthless! I guess you don’t fully know someone until you’ve seen him work under pressure.”

What Jung and especially John Beebe have observed is that there is a relationship for each of us between the eight functions of consciousness and the different aspects of our personality. When we fall into a certain archetypal role—hero, parent, trickster, or inner child, for example—we tend to express ourselves through a particular function of consciousness. Conversely, when we are called upon to use a certain function of consciousness—extraverted sensation, for example, or introverted feeling—we will tend to do so using the energy of the archetypal role that is associated, for us, with that function.

Composed of 9 sessions, each of two and a half hours duration (a total of 22.5 hours), the course will be led by MBTI® Master Practitioners Bob McAlpine (ISTJ) and Adam Frey (ISFJ).

Included in the sessions:

    • Readings made available by PDF
    • For each session a copy of key slides and a link to the audio recording will be provided
    • Access to the course’s exclusive LinkedIn group to share your thoughts and reactions with facilitators and fellow students
    • Access to the Function-Archetype Decoder™ to learn what others have said about how they use each of the function-attitudes
    • Email access to the facilitators to ask follow up questions
    • Coaching to set up an 8 Archetypes Study Group of your own (upon request)

    This webinar series will meet for two and one half hours on the following dates: Nov 5 and 19, Dec 3 and 17, Jan 7 and 21, Feb 4 and 18, and Mar 4. All sessions will start at 12:00 PM EST.

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        Nov 5, 2014

        Archetypes in Action

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        Adam Frey & Bob McAlpine Read Bio


        "Wow, fantastic to have John Giannini presenting. You guys are running some wonderful sessions for Psychological Type - real cutting edge stuff that makes those of us as practitioners keep on our toes and question every facet of our understanding of Type not to mention the wonderful personal journey we are taking on as well. "

        Marie Carmody
        attended John Giannini Webinar

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