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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.
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June 7, 2012, 1:00 PM EST Using the Majors PT-Elements
Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ)

The Majors PT-Elements offers information to the type practitioner that no other instrument offers.

What you will learn:

  • To use the 16 subscales to assist a person in gaining clarity as to a preference on a dimension as well as tease out behavioral tendencies on the dimensions
  • To use the Personality Formation scores to gain insight into a person's self-esteem
  • To use the Personality Formation to gain insight into how a person approaches interacting with others
  • How to use the 8 function-attitude scores with the reported type code

More Information

The 16 subscales can be used not only to help a person gain clarity regarding preferences, but to also identify questions for exploring behaviors on the dimension.  The Personality Formations portion of the report offers insights into how the person views himself or herself individually and when interacting with others.  The seven dimension scores are extremely helpful in getting a client to engage in reflective study to achieve greater self-understanding.  The eight function scores that are provided allow the facilitator an opportunity to compare the highest perceiving and judging scores with the dominant and auxiliary functions of the type code selected by the client.  Differences can open the door for engaging discussion.

1:00-2:30pm ET
Price per person $97.00
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Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ) Read Bio


"This was the best! The webinar and the resources provided are a tremendous help for me in putting together interpretation sessions for students. I have been working on using the 8-function approach in my interpretations, but this pulled it together for me in a very useable form. "

Linda Ketcheson
attended Intro to Type Using the Eight Functions