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We enhance individual and organizational performance through the application of Personality Theories.

About Us

Creating greater awareness of others and ourselves is more important now than ever before. In the face of new and greater challenges, working to develop and maintain relationships - both professional and personal - will be the mark of our success. 

Type Resources strives to provide you with the knowledge necessary to use personality type theory successfully with individuals and teams.  Our interactive web-based sessions are facilitated by seasoned professionals with many years of experience using type theory.

Robert McAlpine, M.A. (ISTJ)


Joined TR in 1993

We call him "The Bulldozer" because he is an irresistible force that nothing and no one can resist. Bob's unique approach to dealing with an irate customer (love them to death) is not what you'd expect from a former helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

In fact, Bob's leadership and extraordinary classroom skills draw on over two decades experience as a career military officer, the U.S. Army's Organizational Leadership and TQM Programs for Executives, experience as a DDI Certified Master Assessor, and graduate research on the MBTI® and Situational Leadership. He has designed and managed leadership assessment and development programs for hundreds of army officers and qualified hundreds of Type Resources clients to use type theory. Bob is the best kind of teacher, the kind who models the lesson. Bob models for us how to get to know our shadow side and take responsibility for it. He is the reason the rest of us are working for TR.

Amy Evers, Ph.D. (INFP)

Vice President

Joined TR in 2004

Amy is the opposite of the autocrat. Participative democracy is her dominant mode and she pulls order out of chaos with charm and grace. With a degree in counseling psychology, Amy has spent years applying personality type in psychological settings to enrich clients' personal and professional lives. Her every sentence is a lesson in type theory. If someone suggests we take a new perspective on a problem, she responds, "You're right, we should be using Introverted Thinking."

Amy has a hand in everything: designing workshops, facilitating programs, marketing, and developing products, such as the Function-Archetype Decoder. Amy writes articles on type and the eight mental processes and welcomes suggestions for topics.  With an awareness of the ever-growing distance between personality type theory and the field of psychology, her long-term mission is to close the existing gap and to dispel the myths on both sides.

Vicky Schaefer, B.S. (ESTJ)

Partner and Office Manager

Joined TR in 2002

Vicky is "The Enforcer" at TR, the one who keeps us on the straight and narrow, the one who reminds us that we can't undertake some new initiative this week without reneging on the project we started last week. She asks more questions than a parole officer. Her experience prepared her well for this job; she worked in policyholder service and sales in the insurance industry and client services in the satisfaction management industry. Now she is our insurance policy, our Air Traffic Control, the one who keeps our many flights of fancy from crashing and burning. Vicky's responsibilities include customer service, sales and marketing, contract negotiations, website maintenance and program facilitator support. She is the public face of TR, and a beautiful, smiling face it is. If we could bottle her substance and sell it, we would make a fortune.

Carol Shumate, Ph.D. (ENFP)

Partner and Editor

Joined TR in 2007

With a history of getting herself into thorny situations (Extraverted Feeling in the Witch position), Carol learned early on to write her way out of trouble. Childhood experiences of miscommunication drove her to study journalism and foreign languages, and she has lived in many countries around the world including Italy, France, Israel, England, and New Zealand. She now studies the languages of Jungian personality type, while she designs webinars, training materials, and marketing materials for TR, such as the Function-Archetype Decoder. With decades of experience as a writer and editor for corporate and non-profit organizations, she knows how to target print materials to different personality types to produce a desired outcome. A former Board member of APT International and frequent contributor to the Bulletin of Psychology Type, she is also the founding editor of Personality Type in Depth. Her questions and exercises elicit our best, deepest insights.

Casey Samulski (ENFJ)

Web Designer, Program Facilitator

Joined TR in 2009

This graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in New York now lives in L.A. where he keeps TR on the cutting edge of cool. Casey is the fastest learner of personality type we know, swallowing it whole at the Dallas APT conference. A science fiction writer, Casey is writing a guide to the eight-function model, which he believes is the future of personality type. While in New York he wrote extensively for The New York Press, The Villager and City Limits. He also studied Japanese language and Asian culture in Tokyo, and was an Executive Leader and Publication Editor for the Japan-America Student Conference. His particular gift is creating clarity, whether it's a web instruction, or an explanation of a point of theory. He can galvanize a team, emcee a celebration, or facilitate an interaction, and he does it with such laid-back gusto that we all enjoy it with him.

Carol Linden (ENFP)


Joined TR in 2010

You might think that Carol's 20+ years in the software industry would be a hardship posting for an ENFP, but thanks to her superior type knowledge (and inveterate optimism), Carol actually loved her work as an internal organization development consultant at a $2.15 billion global software company headquartered in North Carolina. Carol is a one-woman personality type machine: Between 2004 and 2010, she trained over 900 clients in all, 325 in 2008 alone. She knows techies inside and out, and has become the go-to guru for management issues concerning this important sector of our economy. She also conducts type application workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, communications, interviewing, and OD interventions with teams. If you've got a team or division in pain, Carol has the palliative care for it. 

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John Beebe, M.D. (ENTP)

Key Note Speaker

Joined TR in 2004

A popular lecturer in the Jungian world, John Beebe, MD, has spoken on topics related to the theory and practical applications of analytical psychology in fifteen countries around the world. Founding Editor of The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal (now Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche), Beebe was the first American co-editor of the London-based Journal of Analytical Psychology. Beebe is the author of numerous articles as well as the book, Integrity in Depth. With Virginia Apperson, he is co-author of The Presence of the Feminine in Film, and co-editor, with Ernst Falzeder, of The Question of Psychological Types: The Correspondence of C. G. Jung and Hans Schmid-Guisan.

John Giannini

Jungian Analyst

Joined TR in 2013

John is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Chicago and Evanston. He holds an M.Div. in Religion and Psychology from St. Alberts College, an M.A. from the University of Chicago Divinity School, an MBA from Stanford University, and LCPC certification with the State of Illinois. John has published articles and lectures widely throughout the U.S. and Canada on the wounded child within and narcissistic/addictive behavior. He is the author of Compass of the Soul, an updated understanding of typology.


Adam Frey (ISFJ)


Joined TR in 2012

Adam is an MBTI® Master Practitioner and organizational consultant who has taught psychological types to business and psychology groups in the U.S. and China. He has written about psychological types for Personality Type in Depth and the Bulletin of Psychological Type. Adam is president-elect of the Bay Area Association for Psychological Type and Director of Program Planning for APTi�s Chapter Development Council.

Michael Reding


Joined TR in 2013

Adam Frey & Bob McAlpine

Master Practitioners

Joined TR in 1996

Bob McAlpine and Stephen Weed


Joined TR in 0

Bob McAlpine, Adam Frey, Linda Elliott, Arlene Richter

Master Practitioners

Joined TR in 0