Creating greater awareness of others and ourselves is more important now than ever before. In the face of new and greater challenges, working to develop and maintain relationships - both professional and personal - will be the mark of our success.
  • We are best known for our business and organizational experience which underlies a practical, real-life perspective on psychological testing.
  • From theory to applications, we support your ability to translate ideas into powerful results!

Robert W. McAlpine, MA
Bob’s leadership and extraordinary classroom skills draw on over two decades’ experience as a career military officer, the U.S. Army’s Organizational Leadership and TQM Programs for Executives, experience as a DDI Certified Master Assessor, and graduate research on the MBTI® and Situational Leadership. He has designed and managed leadership assessment and development programs for hundreds of army officers and qualified hundreds of Type Resources clients to use the MBTI®.

TR Trainers
All of our trainers are certified so you earn CEU's with your MBTI® training.

Amy Evers, Ph.D.
Amy Evers, Ph.D., is a Counseling Psychologist who brings to Type Resources years of using type theory in psychological settings to enrich clients' personal and professional lives. Dr. Evers has been a part of Type Resources since 2004. Since then she has assisted in designing workshops, facilitating programs, and developing products, such as the Function-Archetype™ Decoder. With an awareness of the ever-growing distance between type theory and the field of psychology, her long-term mission is to close the existing gap and to dispel the myths on both sides. Dr. Evers is aiming to accomplish this mission by publishing research on type theory and by joining Bob McAlpine in his pursuit of bringing Jungian analysts into the Type community. In January of 2007, Dr. Evers began designing and distributing Type Resources' monthly online newsletter. She welcomes suggestions for topics and can be contacted at: [email protected].

Carol Shumate, Ph.D.
provides custom communications and training through her consultancy,  Her work for TR includes the design and marketing of new trainings and type tools, such as the Function-Archetype™ Decoder.  She uses type in training and coaching to differentiate instruction for multiple learning styles and in marketing to produce persuasive documents for academic and government institutions.  She has trained K-12 school staffs in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, and has developed publications for the U.S. Department of State, the State of Connecticut, the State of North Carolina, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  She began her career studying journalism and foreign languages, and now studies and writes about the languages of Jungian personality type.  A former Board member of APT International and frequent contributor to the Bulletin of Psychology Type, she is also an award-winning writer of short fiction and essay.

Meg Ellis, MA, is an organizational and leadership coach, program designer and facilitator. Formerly an IT systems analyst and computer sales person, she has, for the past dozen years, specialized in interpersonal behaviors that impact business performance. She uses MBTI®, FIRO-B™, and 2020 Insight Gold 360 software in Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups to bridge the gaps in self-awareness and communicating with others.

Michele Mennen
has 13 years of Human Resources/Training and Development experience. She worked 11 years for the Department of Defense before starting her own consulting business in 2003. Michele also works part-time for a nationally renowned consulting firm, ICF Consulting. She has served as a human resources consultant, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Her background includes work in Management-Employee Relations (MER), Labor Relations, and Training & Development. She has experience in arbitrating performance and disciplinary actions, developing/conducting human resource training, and designing coursework for both individuals and teams.

Jane Kendall
Jane Kendall is an executive coach whose practice, Kendall & Associates, focuses on supporting the growth of organizations and their leaders so that they may effectively achieve their goals and visions. This work involves coaching senior leaders and the leadership teams to optimize their leadership "toolkits", and may also involve customized leadership development programs. Jane has recently launched "The Leader Within You: A Forum for Leadership Learning" with Bob Danzig, former CEO of Hearst Newspapers, and Linda Hall, Master Coach.

Jane has extensive experience with assessment instrumentation, including Benchmarks, MLQ, FIRO-B™, CPI, and MBTI®. She has been using the MBTI® for 25 years, is a Certified MBTI® practitioner, teaches Myers Briggs® Qualifier workshops for professionals on behalf of Type Resources, and is president of an international Jungian organization, the International Type Users Organization, supporting the ethical use of personality type knowledge globally. She is conducting post-Sept.11 research to determine how to help organizations and individuals deal with disaster and its aftermath. The Isabel Briggs Myers Foundation funds this research.

She began her career in the private sector, working for AT&T, holding positions in business and strategic planning, financial services, training, and systems management. Over the years she worked with telecommunications organizations in over 150 different countries. Jane has a master's degree in Human Resources from the New School University, NYC.

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